Custom Notecards: Impress Friends & Family With Lovely Correspondence

Did you even hear it? 

There’s a good chance the alert of your last text message didn’t even catch your attention. That’s how oblivious you probably are to the sound of someone reaching out for your attention yet again. It’s no wonder when some 23 billion text messages are sent worldwide, per day

In your noisy non-stop day, can you think about what actually gets your attention? 

Here’s a hint: it’s quiet and elegant. It arrives proudly in the mail and dutifully embraces a thoughtful message. It stands out from the crowd of bland envelopes and parcels.



Elegant custom notecards in pastel blue ikat and luxe grey | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​

Custom notecards stand out above the noise and always make it into your “A” pile of mail. Someone cared enough to take the time to put pen to paper and you instantly know it when you see that envelope among your sea of bills and junk mail. Did your last card put a smile on your face? I bet it did.

Unique custom notecards that stand out are even more impressive. Gone are the days when proper etiquette = boring ivory stationery without personality. Sure, the classics will never go out of style and beautiful paper will always reign in the mailbox. But modern printing methods have given way to thicker papers available in gorgeous custom notecards designs with a wider-than-ever design scope.


  • Classic & Formal personalized stationery

  • Simple & Minimalist note cards

  • Botanical custom stationery

  • Rustic correspondence cards

  • Vintage stationery notecards

  • Bold & Typographical stationery sets

  • Modern custom notecards

  • Bohemian personal stationery

  • Painterly customized note cards

  • Illustrative notecard sets


Good-looking custom stationery should include, at the very least, your initials or monogram, but frequently will also have your full name and occasionally a short message (ex: “From the Desk of Angela Whitman.”)

Custom notecards for professional use often include additional information woven into the design, such as job title and company name. You can also add contact information like address, phone number, and email. This is an area where it’s really up to you how much you’d like to share - and if you prefer simplicity, that’s OK too.

Apple for Teacher Red Gingham Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​


You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style in order to express proper etiquette and show someone you care. Sending an appropriate message of thanks, congratulations, or any number of other sentiments can be elegant and formal, or lighthearted and casual. The design style you choose for your custom notecards sets the tone and conveys your message along with a hearty dose of your visual style. 

Here’s where it gets fun. 

Luxury letterpress custom notecards options are some of the highest quality personalized stationery you’ll find, and we recommend splurging on a classic set like those by Sugar Paper for your most formal needs at least once. But at several hundred to thousands of dollars each, these custom notecards are often ill-suited for your frequent life occurrences.

Modern custom notecards are digitally press-printed to allow for way more color options and the ability to purchase your stationery in smaller quantities. This means you can have fun trying out different custom notecards designs without spending a small fortune!

Would you say “dainty and feminine” is your style? Here are some lovely custom notecards in shades of pastel pinks & greens:

Greenery and Pastel Pink Vine Wreath Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​

Do you have a bold color sensibility? Try awe-inspiring watercolor floral custom notecards like these:

Romantic Floral Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​

Does lovely, classic “preppy” style describe your favorite visual aesthetic? A traditional navy & white color palette is given a twist with lighthearted watercolor gingham plaid custom notecards here:

Navy Blue and White Gingham Preppy Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​


Just like your clothes, music, or art collection, your custom notecards represent who you are to your friends, family, and others with whom you correspond. Take advantage of smaller-quantity options to curate your “Custom Notecards Wardrobe.” 

You can choose a casual, fun style and order a simple 25 pack: these are for jotting down quick notes of thanks to girlfriends or your child’s teacher. 

Black & White Stripe Bold Hot Pink Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​

Next, you might add a more traditional style with classic typography and order these in a slightly larger quantity, for example a 50 pack, to have on hand for a wider range of purposes.

Classic Blush Stripe Simple Typography Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​

For spring and summer, choose a bright, colorful, maybe even floral design for your custom notecards to convey the happiness and lightheartedness of the warmer weather. A smaller set of 25 might be just enough here.

Spring Floral Rainbow Watercolor Painterly Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​

And for the holiday season, warmer jewel tones or seasonal color designs are perfect to send off holiday thank you cards or short messages. These are also wonderfully sized for gift cards: a 50 pack of these is perfect to have on hand for smaller, casual gifts to folks whom you won’t be adding to your main gift list.

Moody Painted Floral Custom Notecards | Personalized Stationery by DIGIBUDDHA
Source: Digibuddha​​


The New York Times recognizes the staying power of beautiful custom notecards in our American lives. It’s important to always have attractive and appropriate personalized stationery on hand regardless of the season.

Your correspondence should be the one that stands out in your recipient's mail and brings them a sweet moment of excitement as they crack open that beautiful envelope. Revel in the design choices you have and have fun expressing yourself with your pretty paper!

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