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Digibuddha Close and Connected Revolution

Who We Are

Digibuddha is a company dedicated to strengthening people’s most important relationships.

Sure, we offer products we think are helpful. But above all, we are two women in our 40s who truly believe that what matters most in life is the people we share it with - our children, spouse, friends, parents, neighbors - the list is long and so very important. We are not here to make a quick buck - we are here for you. 

Digibuddha Owners Lisa & Kika Monika on the left, Lisa on the right

Our Story

Digibuddha started in 2011 when founders and best friends since college (go Temple U!) Lisa Albaladejo and Monika Levy realized that our relationships - with our spouses, kids, family, and friends - are the “why” behind everything we do. 

Our relationships give our lives purpose and meaning. 

This led to the question most women ask: “How can I keep them close and stay connected?

It seemed that our time was increasingly consumed by work, caring for kids and home, and the general responsibilities of life. We were spending less time together, not staying in touch, and putting less effort into our real, genuine relationships. 

Their solution to this problem was to reclaim the crucial bonds with friends & family with resources so beautiful & memorable that everyone would want to celebrate or send a sweet gift to their favorite people. 

Make them feel special & loved with gatherings and thoughtful gifts that show you care. This is where the idea for Digibuddha was born.

Digibuddha Close and Connected Revolution

The Close and Connected Revolution

As Digibuddha grew, we noticed that two milestones - weddings and new babies - got all of the attention. Aside from getting married or having a baby, most other life moments were being neglected. 

So much more was happening in our lives that wasn’t being celebrated, and so much time passed without simply keeping in touch with the folks we care most about.

In response to our customer feedback, we expanded our focus to include holiday, special occasion, and “just because” products for gifting & gathering - all to get families, friends, and loved ones back to being close and connected. 

Our goal is to build a Close & Connected Revolution; a worldwide community to offer positive support and products that celebrate and treasure our real relationships in a busy, lonely world! This mission is at the core of everything we do. 

Digibuddha Close and Connected Revolution


We get that a lot.  😊
Digibuddha was so named for the zen-like state that we have the privilege of enjoying when we do this design work that we love so much. Crafting products that help people come together and stay in touch just gives us the warm and fuzzies. Our chubby little happy guy embodies the peace and joy we strive to share and live every day. 
Digibuddha Logo - The Buddha
Digibuddha Close and Connected Revolution
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