About Digibuddha

Lisa and Monika, Owners of Digibuddha

J U S T   J U M P

Soon after the birth of her third child in 2011, Lisa rediscovered her love of graphic design, started a little Etsy shop selling invitations, and Digibuddha was born. What started on a whim (and a need to do something besides changing diapers) quickly blossomed into an actual business. Within a few months, Lisa needed a full-time partner to run the rapidly-growing company and was lucky to have her best friend Monika join her. 

Monika saw the vision, believed strongly in Digibuddha's potential, and bravely left her corporate career in New York City to join Lisa in the life of entrepreneurship. Though Brooklyn is her home, Monika’s spent the past decade+ traveling frequently between NY and PA as the pair established workspaces in Hatboro, just outside of Philadelphia.

Together, Lisa and Monika haven't looked back, each running portions of the company with as much energy, resolve, and grace as they can, always keeping the Digibuddha Manifesto as their North Star.

Digibuddha Leading Ladies

L E A D I N G   L A D I E S

Today, Digibuddha is made up of a small, dedicated team with amazing women at the helm. 

Erin is Lisa’s oldest life-long friend, so it’s fitting that she was one of Digibuddha’s earliest team members, joining when the fledgling business was still operating out of a home office.  The most peopley ‘people person’ you’ve ever met, Erin’s authentic warmth and deeply caring nature brings folks together like no one else can. She makes a phenomenal cocktail and has the most luxurious Philly accent in the tri-state area. (It’s wooder, not water.) 

The youngest of the leadership team, Keri has been an invaluable presence since she arrived in 2017. Keri’s capable intelligence and amazing energy uplifts everyone on the team. She’s woven in and out of many positions in her years with Digibuddha, from customer service to HR and marketing, to now running the Hatboro production shop as its Operations Manager. There’s not a pair of colorful leggings or a spreadsheet that Keri doesn’t love.


T E A M W O R K   MA K E S   T H E   D R E A M   W O R K

All of Digibuddha’s in-house products are lovingly manufactured, packaged & shipped from our shop in Hatboro, PA. 

Neil is Digibuddha’s Production Lead and has been with the company since 2016. He runs the manufacturing division and can fix just about any machine. If you happen to like old school club music from the 80s and early 90s, you would love Neil’s Freestyle Fridays in the shop. (the younger folks decidedly do not enjoy Freestyle Fridays.)

Julian and Mario are cousins and round out the small manufacturing team that wraps and presses each product by hand. When they get their chance to control the radio, they do not choose Freestyle.

Silver and Alyssa are the gals who quality check, assemble, and beautifully package each item that leaves the shop. They’re hard working and kind, and show up fully everyday to give it their all. Quick-witted jokes have been known to originate from their direction, so if you’re ever in the shop, don’t underestimate these ladies. 

There is also a fantastic cadre of folks who join Digibuddha as needed for seasonal help - a mix of family members, past employees, and other good people who love to lend a hand when things get a little chaotic. (we love that kind of chaos)

Digibuddha Logo
W H Y  " D I G I B U D D H A ? "
We get that a lot.  😊
Digibuddha was so named for the zen-like state that we have the privilege of enjoying when we do this design work that we love so much. Our chubby little happy guy embodies the peace and joy we strive to share and live everyday. 
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