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Meet Lisa Albaladejo + Kika Levy, best friends and owners of Digibuddha. The company was started in 2011 by Lisa (Creative Director) and within a few months the baby shower, bridal shower & birthday invitation designs were becoming top sellers on etsy and the business was expanding quickly. Lisa needed a full-time partner to run the blossoming company and was lucky to have her best friend, Kika (Director of Operations) join her. Kika saw the vision and believed strongly in Digibuddha's potential, and bravely left her corporate career in New York City to join Lisa in the life of entrepreneurship. Together they haven't looked back, each running portions of the company with as much energy, resolve and grace as they can.

Today Digibuddha includes a small but amazing team that are dedicated to creating the highest quality invitations + event stationery on the market, with personal customer service and quick turnarounds. Jasmine is the Lead Designer, creating most of the custom items purchased from Digibuddha. She is a true artist and works hard to make sure our customers' design needs are met. Theresa is the Production Manager, overseeing all printing + assembly, as well as shipping. Her organization and multi-tasking skills are the glue that holds production together. Corrie is a Production Associate, and has earned the nickname "Crafty Corrie" for good reason. She makes things prettier than we thought they could be, and always figures out a way to make things work. David is a Production Associate, and since he's also Lisa's husband, he's the general go-to guy for anything that needs to be lifted, fixed, or cleaned up. Every business needs a David!

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